Friday, 18 October 2013

1. Its hard to find

Oh, hello.

as we know, life is complicated. Life is full of joy, happiness, sadness and etc. There's one thing in life that's hard to find. Someone that we could rely on. this is not about love, or even heartbreaking but, its about life that we can't even seem to go through alone. I can't find someone to be with, or a friend that i could count on. i wish i had one. people wont be able to be with us 24/7, but a thing that know will be with us 24/7 is our laptop or gadgets. But the most important is our God. he'll help us. Just believe in it.

I can't seem to find a place where i could tell my feelings actually. Then a idea came up. A blog. So, i'm here to tell about the life cycle of a person. I'm not calling it as a diary, but, its just a way for me to express my feelings, so that it wouldn't be burden to me. And i hope its fine.

I have been going through a lot of things lately. I can't even think properly. I feel like i'm nothing, but a bunch of rubbish. I can't seem to think why, but, i'm tired of problems. problems that won't be solve. and i hate it. i wish i have friends. real friends that could really help me. a friend that could guide me. i'm helpless, i'm just nothing to everyone eyes. i wish i could be something. i wish i could be noticed. i wish i wasn't a troublemaker. Its hard to find a way to solve this. please, if anyone has an opinion then, tell me. i really need it. thank you.